Wicked Reflection

Last summer a fair came to town. But it wasn’t your ordinary fair, this one was different. It brought a odd atmosphere with it, I’m sure it choked a few brain cells on its way in. My friends said I was just being paranoid and they told me that all I needed was to enjoy the festivities. I remember I went into this one tent in particular and they had those funny mirrors in them. It was fun at first and everyone around me looked like they were enjoying themselves but the longer I stayed in there the more I got this weird feeling.

My reflection started to change the longer I looked into the mirror. I thought it was just an illusional first. I tried to leave and get some air foolishly thinking it would clear my head. But everywhere I looked there it was, or more there I was I suppose. Everywhere I went there was always this distorted version following me around becoming more vivid with each movement. Every insecurity and thing I didn’t like about myself was now alive. I wonder if humans ever experience this when they look in a mirror too?


Author: nolimitheartsclub

Greetings. My name is Jasper. And here I chase the moon and build my space ships. I never promised I'd be exciting

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