Emotionally Attached

I Don’t want to,

crowd you

annoy you

anger you

hurt you

bother you

get in your way

And I don’t know what to do without feeling like I’m making you,

hate me

resent me

feel like you never want to talk to me again

feel like I’m prying into something that’s none of my business

wish you had never even met me

wish you had never heard my name

wish I would just leave you alone for christ’s sake

So that’s why I’m sitting here and staring at the fucking message

I want to send to you but wont because I don’t have the courage to

because I think I might be getting too emotionally attached

All I wanted to know is if you wanted to hang out this Saturday?


Author: nolimitheartsclub

Greetings. My name is Jasper. And here I chase the moon and build my space ships. I never promised I'd be exciting

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