The day you left

Was the day i learned what independence meant

It means you’re never coming back

but I’ll survive one day at a time

That’s all i can do

You were right, I do live in my mind to much

I think there is a secret desire to never succeed though

I convince myself that you don’t actually care

And i repeatedly check my messages to prove it

See you never answered, you never said anything

You must not care enough, I must have messed up

Sometimes I walk through the streets alone at night

It helps me to think, but in that good way

That way you always talked about

I can still picture you in my mind

You said that you’d never leave

If you’re not gone than where are you

I feel pretty abandoned right now

I can’t seem to let you go, how do you do it

How do you let the past be just a distant memory

How do I learn to enjoy my new found freedom


Author: nolimitheartsclub

Greetings. My name is Jasper. And here I chase the moon and build my space ships. I never promised I'd be exciting

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